Wordplay with Will | Chanter avec Will

JUNO-nominated musician Will’s Jams

Online arts-integrated language and music courses for kids in English and French

Registration opens November 1

Registration for Wordplay with Will | Chanter avec Will begins November 1, and will be offered as a monthly or yearly subscription. For a limited time, subscriptions are only $10/month or $100/yr. The first 25 yearly subscribers will receive a free birthday greeting video for their child (value $50).

JUNO-nominated musician, former CBC Kids TV star and educator Will Stroet of Will’s Jams is offering new arts-integrated online courses to teach children English and French. Through his educational music with witty wordplay and sing-along choruses, children will develop their language skills through fun and simple educational-themed activities and lessons in an entertaining musical format.

Will’s nationally acclaimed music connects to educational themes such as creativity; imagination; healthy eating and active living; animals and environmental sustainability; sports; and road safety.

Who are the courses for?

These engaging self-paced online courses in English and French are designed for children ages 4-10 and can be done independently or with minimal parent support.

The French course, “Chanter avec Will,” is designed  for French immersion or FSL students ages 5-10, as well as young Francophone children. The English course, “Wordplay with Will,” is designed for native English speakers ages 4-7 and ESL students ages 4-10.

Course Format

In both the “Wordplay with Will” and “Chanter avec Will” courses, students will learn Will’s songs through interactive pre-recorded videos (approx. 10-25 minutes in length). Students will learn new English or French vocabulary and will participate in fun activities to extend the lesson’s educational theme. These interactive activities may include:

  • colouring and drawing activities
  • outdoor exploration activities
  • critical thinking activities
  • imagination based activities
  • vocabulary or language comprehension quizzes
  • questions and short answers – written and/or oral
  • additional resources posted as video links or Word/PDF downloads

Students can pick and choose which lessons they’d like to do and can do them anytime, anywhere. Assignments are optional and can be uploaded if students would like feedback from Will.

Is there live interaction with Will?

Yes, once your child registers, they will become part of Will’s virtual classroom and can chat with Will to ask questions.

Private Livestream Concert

At the end of the month, students will also join a 30-minute virtual concert via Zoom along with their peers in Will’s virtual classroom to sing along to the songs they’ve learned and play some fun musical games. They can also ask Will questions and make some song requests too!

Learning Outcomes

Whether you register your child in the English or French modules, they will develop better:

  • Oral skills 
  • Listening skills
  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Comprehension skills
  • Confidence in using a second language
  • Vocabulary
  • Creative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Singing and performance skills

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