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JUNO-nominated musician and educator Will Stroet of Will’s Jams (as seen on CBC Kids and Universal Kids) is offering unique online, self-paced courses to teach children English and French through his music.

Through Will’s educational songs with witty wordplay and sing-along choruses, interactive video lessons and arts-integrated activities, children will enhance their language, creative and critical thinking skills.

Who are the courses for?

“Chanter avec Will” is suitable for French immersion, FSL and Francophone students ages 5-9.

“Wordplay with Will” is suitable for English and ESL students ages 5-9.


Course Format

  • Unlimited access to all self-paced English or French courses with option to upload assignments for feedback from Will
  • Learn a song in 2-4 interactive video lessons (10-20 min.)
  • Sing along with Will and the music video
  • Learn and review song vocabulary
  • Do arts-integrated educational activities, including:
    • colouring and drawing
    • field trips and outdoor exploration
    • cooking lessons
    • science
    • movement and physical education
    • interactive demonstrations
    • vocabulary and comprehension quizzes
    • printable PDF worksheets


Learning Outcomes

Wordplay with Will and Chanter avec courses will improve your child’s skills in:

  • Speaking and listening
  • Reading, comprehension and writing
  • Speaking a second language
  • English and French vocabulary
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Singing and performance

Interaction & Livestream Concerts

Once registered, your child joins Will’s virtual classroom and can chat with Will and the class at any time. Once a month, students will be invited to a private Zoom concert to sing and dance with Will.

Sample lesson

Leçon 5 En haut, en bas – Partie A


French Sample Lesson

English Sample Lesson

Wordplay with Will is a great way to incorporate music and activities with the kids in off-school time. We all loved singing the songs, and the drawings the kids did in their assignments. A great fun and educational course for all families!

Christie Allen


Chanter avec Will provides a unique opportunity to learn and practice French. We love the platform, which allows students to upload their work and receive kudos from Will. It has a good pace, and we can rewatch it multiple times. The songs are a hit, and we know many of them already so singing along is great! It’s virtual French at its best.

Debbie and Graham Jiang


Chanter avec Will est une manière à la fois ludique et éducative pour apprendre en français. On retrouve la même structure à chaque cours, ce qui est super pour les enseignantes et enseignants: la chanson et le vidéo-clip, l’apprentissage d’une partie de la chanson, et l’activité en lien avec la chanson. Les activités font bouger les élèves, suscitent leur curiosité et génèrent des idées créatives. La beauté du programme est dans sa simplicité. Ça le rend donc accessible pour tous. Quel beau programme qui intègre les arts et la langue française! 

Cynthia R

Vice-Principal, teacher and parent

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