When and how do I register my child for Will’s courses?

You can register at any time for a monthly or yearly subscription on this site, www.wordplaywithwill.com. You will have access to all the French and English course content with new content added every month.

How much do the courses cost?

We’re offering promotional pricing for only $10 CAD/month or $100 CAD/yr for a family account. The first 25 yearly subscribers will receive a free recorded birthday greeting for their child!

How do I register one or more siblings in courses?

It’s $10/user per month but you’re welcome to have one account shared between siblings, however you’ll only be able to upload assignments for one user. If you’d like to have Will comment on sibling’s work, you can register each child with their own account for $10/month.

Who is this course for?

The French course, “Chanter avec Will,” is designed for French Immersion or French as a Second Language (FSL) students ages 5-10, as well as young francophone kids. The English course, “Wordplay with Will,” is designed for native English speakers ages 3-7 and English as a Second Language (ESL) students ages 5-10.

What are objectives of these courses?

These are language courses based on an arts-integrated approach to learning. Will uses his music, along with other art forms like visual arts and movement, to teach the French and English language.

What date and time do my child(ren) need to be online to do the lessons?

The students will be able to access all the English and French course content whenever they like, at their own pace. They can pick and choose which lessons they’d like to do and uploading assignments are optional if you’d like to receive feedback from Will.

What are the learning outcomes for these courses?

There are many!

Whether your kids do the “Wordplay with Will” or “Chanter avec Will,” courses they will learn:

  • Oral skills 
  • Listening skills
  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Improved comprehension
  • Confidence in using a second language
  • New vocabulary
  • Creative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Singing and performance skills
What do you mean by an “interactive” online course? How can videos be interactive?

This course is designed to be interactive in many ways:

  • Will uses a call and response approach to teaching the songs 
  • Students are asked to participate in following actions that further reinforce language learning 
  • Students will practice singing the songs both with Will on camera, as well as with karaoke style music videos 
  • Will leads extension activities in connection with each lesson’s themes, which students will complete and share with Will for direct feedback online. These include drawing, language arts, exploration, physical education, creative and critical thinking activities.
Is there any live interaction directly with Will?

There will be a few opportunities for students to interact with Will. When students upload assignments, Will responds directly with comments and feedback.

You can also talk with Will and other students in the virtual classroom in “Groups” through posting comments, photos or videos to the feed wall at anytime.

On the last Saturday of every month at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET, Will will perform a 30-minute private Zoom concert for all registered students. Students will be able to sing and dance along to his music and ask him any questions!

What are Will’s qualifications to teach this course?
  • Will is a qualified elementary school teacher with a Bachelor of Arts (with a major in Geography and minor in English Literature) and a Bachelor of Education with a speciality in elementary-school education from the University of British Columbia. Will was also recognized as part of UBC Education’s Top 100 Alumni in 2005.
  • Will is a JUNO-, WCMA- and CMFA-nominated musician who has been writing bilingual music for children 15+ years. For more about Will’s musical career, visit www.willsjams.com
  • Will has performed more than 2,000 shows for young audiences across Canada and China in theatres, festivals and schools. 
  • Will is part of BC’s ArtStarts roster and Ontario’s Prologue to the Performing Arts roster and actively tours in schools across Canada. He is also an Artist Collaborator with Vancouver Biennale’s Big Ideas in Education program.
  • Will frequently leads songwriting workshops for elementary-aged students in both English and French and is repeatedly booked by schools, school districts and CPF (Canadian Parents for French) chapters across Canada.
  • Will has led many workshops for teachers on the effectiveness of using music for easy language acquisition. Will was a spotlight speaker and presenter at the Calgary School Teacher’s Convention and has led several workshops for teachers through the Vancouver School Board and BCMEA (BC Music Educators Association).
Are there curriculum connections?

Language Arts (French):

  • Exploring and Reflecting
  • Creating and Communicating
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Communication strategies
  • Language elements
  • Text organization in relation to song and songwriting

Language Arts (English):

  • Comprehend and connect (listening, viewing, reading)
  • Create and communicate (speaking, representing, writing)
  • Features of oral languages
  • Word patterns and word families
  • Oral language strategies

Arts Education:

  • Music 
  • Visual arts 
  • Dance 
  • Processes, materials, movements, tools, technologies and techniques to support arts activities
  • Experience, document and share creative works
  • Purposeful play

Career Education:

  • Identify and appreciate their personal attributes, skills, interests and accomplishments
  • Share ideas, information, personal feelings and knowledge
  • Set and achieve realistic learning goals
  • Risk taking and its role in self exploration

Physical and Health Education:

  • Healthy and active living
  • Physical literacy
  • Movement concepts and strategies
  • Rhythmic activities


  • Questioning and predicting
  • Processing and analyzing information
  • Evaluating, applying and innovating
  • Communicating

Social Studies:

  • Relationships between people and the environment
  • Rights and responsibilities of individuals
  • Ask questions, make inferences and draw conclusions
  • Recognize the causes and consequences of events, decisions or developments
My children can’t read yet. Will they still be able to do the course?

Yes! Will employs a number of techniques in his teaching that stem from his experience of teaching French immersion. The students will learn by listening, watching, reading, participating in actions, singing, speaking, as well as through a variety of arts-integrated extension activities designed to engage all different types of learners.

My kids are just beginning to learn French/English. Will they understand what is going on? How?

Yes! Will uses many techniques in these courses to support learning even for those who are relatively new to the language. His use of music, rhyme and wordplay, actions, movement, and other arts-integrated extension activities all help to reinforce easy language acquisition.

Where can I find Will’s music digitally?

You can find Will’s music wherever you stream or download your music online. Simply search for Will’s Jams on your streaming service or use these links:

Where can we find more information about Will?

Visit his website at www.willsjams.com and watch tons of free fun videos in English and French on his YouTube channel. Check out Will’s French music playlist on YouTube and find more French resources for teachers here.  Stream Will’s Jams on any online music platform you use (see above question). Connect with Will on social media @willsjamsmusic (see question below).

How do I book Will for a live concert for my school/class or an online workshop/performance for my class/school ? What is the fee?

Contact his agent and manager Kim Thé at bookings@pebblestarartists.com. She will reply promptly and discuss what you’re looking for and provide different options and rates for your school or class during these challenging times. Will can do livestream, Zoom concerts or songwriting workshops. Check out various performance and workshop offerings here. For French info, click here.

Does Will offer other online concerts for children beyond this course?

Yes! Will can be booked for virtual concerts for birthday parties or other celebrations. He also offers pre-recorded birthday greetings. For more info, visit willsjams.square.site. Will’s Jams with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra premieres on Oct. 25, 2020 and can be accessed for free for their season. Will also is booked for online concerts by festivals and organizations. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for concert announcements. You can also access tons of free English and French videos on Will’s YouTube channel.

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